Python Imaging Software by Kevin Cazabon

Magic Converter

To install this program, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page carefully!

Magic Converter is a hotfolder-based image-processing utility that allows the user to automatically process image files of multiple formats using many different processing options.

Some of the powerful options included are:

Please remember that this is a SHAREWARE program... if you use this software, please make a contribution to the author, preferably through, to Kevin Cazabon (

Python Imaging Library Fonts

For those Python Programmers out there doing a lot of work with the Python Imaging library, PIL format fonts are VERY hard to come by. I've created a large library of fonts for you to use, provided that you own the legal copyright to another format equivalent to that font. These fonts are provided in several sets, as follows:

100 and 300dpi basic fonts (small downloads)
By font family (100 and 300 dpi sets, 6 through 72 point, medium downloads)
By resolution (72dpi to 406.4dpi sets available, large downloads)

Please note that a small number of the largest fonts (higest dpi, largest size) may be corrupt due to memory limitations of one of the conversion programs that I use. You can simply open the ".pbm" file as a "PNG" format image and view it to see the entire font set, and verify if the fonts that you are using are ok.

Installation Instructions for software programs above


You must install two other software packages before running any of my installers!. If you do not follow these directions, the installers will not run whatsoever.

Installation directions for any of the above programs:

1. Install py152.exe using the default options. Select "Yes" to install the Tcl/Tk library as well. Reboot after installation if prompted to do so by the installer. (Most of my programs have not yet been tested with Python 2.0)

2. Install the Win32 extensions using the default options. Reboot after installation if prompted to do so by the installer.

3. Run the installer for the program that you wish to use (links above). This will unzip the program files into a temporary directory, then run the installation program.

4. REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER. You must reboot after the installer runs before running the program.

The installer will automatically create shortcuts on your desktop which you can use to start the program(s).