pyCMS and PIL_usm

NOTE: as of PIL 1.7, PIL_usm and pyCMS functionality is built into the standard distribution of PIL - these stand-alone modules are no longer required or being updated/maintained!
pyCMS is a Python module that provides ICC color management services for imaging in Python through the Python Imaging Library (PIL). PIL images can be easily converted from one color space to another using simple pyCMS calls. This is very useful for accurate reproduction of images from different digital sources, color matching input and output devices, accurate on-screen proofing, and is also excellent for doing "normal" color mode conversions like from RGB to CMYK (where PIL doesn't have great performance built in).

PIL_usm is a module for PIL that provides true Gaussian Blurring and Unsharp Mask Sharpening functions to PIL. See the PIL_usm page for details.

pyCMS uses the littleCMS ICC library to perform all ICC functionality. The littleCMS library is by Marti Maria, and details are available at

both pyCMS and the underlying littleCMS library are cross-platform compatible! This means that you can use it with most platforms that Python and PIL will work on. (I've only built binaries for Windows so far myself, but I'll gladly post more if you send me a link to yours!).

pyCMS is licensed under the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License), making it freely available in source form to programmers everywhere. Depending on how you use pyCMS, it is possible to use it with both closed-source programs, as well as open-source programs.

pyCMS is very easy to use (of course it has more advanced capabilities too), here's a simple example of how to convert an image from one color space to another (sRGB to CMYK):

import Image
import pyCMS

im ="c:\\test.tif")
imConverted = pyCMS.profileToProfile(im, "c:\\sRGB.icm", "c:\\SWOP.icm", outputMode = "CMYK")"c:\\output.tif")

Although I highly encourage you to release your works under the LGPL or GPL licenses, the choice is up to you. In either case, please follow the licensing terms provided and ensure to give credit where credit is due. If you have need of this library under different licensing terms, please contact us to discuss that possibility.


pyCMS License (Lesser General Public License)
pyCMS documentation / API only
Full package (vers. 0.0.2 alpha) including source code, documentation, sample profiles, test scripts, and pre-compiled binary for Windows (compiled with Python 2.2.1, PIL 1.1.3).

Additional files you may want:
littleCMS source code

Additional ICC Profiles(from Adobe) for use with pyCMS

A great image for color managment / ICC testing (Copyright © 2001, 2002 Bruce Justin Lindbloom. All Rights Reserved)

Please let me know if you use pyCMS, how you like it, any bugs/errors you've found, and what features or improvements you'd like to see. You can email me at:

Version History

0.0.2 alpha

0.0.1 alpha

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