A few lost friends...

Over the years, with moving across the country for family, school, and work, I've lost track of quite a few people that I'd like to get in touch with again some day. I've tried to find most of them over the web, but to no avail. I hope that this page comes up in their searches for themselves or people they know on the internet as well.

First of all, here's a few "found" friends... both through this page, and through other means. I'm posting this info here as a central "database", because my last name is probably one of the easiest to find, and a lot of people seem to come across me.

Found Friends

Steve Carty (from Ryerson 1990-1994)
Email: carty@stevecarty.com
Phone: 416.822.7521
Website: www.stevecarty.com (amazing stuff...!)

Yvonne Berg (from Ryerson 1990-1994)
Email: yvonneberg@sympatico.ca

Wanda Dobrowlanski (from Ryerson 1990-1994)
Email: wandad@rom.on.ca
Work: Royal Ontario Museum, Photography Department, (416) 586-5651
Hey Wanda: I've emailed you back a few times and never heard from you again! Email me!

Tais Davis (from Ryerson 1990-1994)
Email: TDavis@barexpress.net
Tel: (416) 913-9090
Hey Tais: You too... I've emailed you back a few times and never heard from you again! Email me!

David Otterson (from Ryerson 1991-1995)
Email: david@davidottersonphotography.com
Web: www.davidottersonphotography.com

David Song (from Balfour Collegiate 1990, Regina Sask)
104-1804 Daelim Kangbyun APT,
Eungbong-Dong, Sungdong-Ku,
Seoul, Korea 133-769
Home 82-2-2294-3445
E-mail: dsong@mba2001.hbs.edu (good for life, he tells me)
Info current as of Nov., 2001

Darryl Firth (from Balfour Collegiate 1990, Regina Sask)
Living and working in Regina, Sask.
Email: darrlyman@hotmail.com
(306) 761-2607
Info current as of April 13, 2001

Michael Stewart Copp (from Ryerson Polytechnic University, 1994)
Living in Florida
Email: michael@medianet.ca
Info current as of April 13, 2001

Ken Fox (and wife!) (from Balfour Collegiate 1990, Regina Sask)
Living in Victoria, B.C., going to school for English Lit and Professional Writing at UVic.
Email: kenfox@uvic.ca
(250) 592-3636
Info current as of October 8th, 2001

People still lost...

People from Burlington, Ontario, mostly from Dr. Charles Best school: Kevin Beck, Julie Cutler, Sarah Dermer, Mr. Miyata, and anyone else that went to school with me there.

From Regina, Saskatchewan, anyone that went to school with me at either Wilfred Hunt or Balfour Collegiate. A few names would be: Rick Tarry, Ken Fox, Trina Larsen, Marlo Kosanovich, Mr. Beckles, Lori Hall, Susan Luzny (Susan Bjorndalen), Paul Clothier, Darius Torshizi, and anyone else that happens across this page.

From Ryerson Polytechnic University (or Ryerson Polytechnical Institute) in Toronto, Ontario, anyone from the Photographic Arts program, or anyone that knew my good friend Paul Semple. Wanda Dobrolanski, Theresa Dias (who's married now, but I don't know her last name), Tonja Brown, Pat Armstrong, Adrian Brijbassi, Dennis Miles, Hanna Minzloff, Paule Massicotte, Rob Seto, Tim Sellers, Bonnie Zdradkovich, Dave Batten, Dave Arseno, David Cristofoli, Elizabeth (Liz) Egyed, Steve Carty, Tais Davis, Sandro DiClemente, definately Melanie Cornish and Tracy Taylor..., Johnathon Hayward (the goofy Newfie), Mike Lo, Sonia Molina, Julia Spittel, Debi Nemni, Nidia Timeteo (and I don't remember her married name, sorry!), Randi Sokoloff, Ron Sears, Earl Williams, Beth Robins, Hala Bissada, Tony Care, Brendan O'Hallarn, and countless others.

I sincerely apologize if I've left you off this list, but you've found it through searching for other people listed here. I didn't mean to leave anyone out, but it's mostly from memory. Hey, I love hearing from anyone out there!

If you want to contact me, email me at kevin@cazabon.com or return to my main homepage