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It's been a long, long time since I've had the time or reason to update this page, and I've moved servers a few times as well. So, most of the scripts and links aren't working, and it's time to revamp.

For the time being, here is a simple set of links to the still-relevant parts of my website. Keep in touch!

Personal Pages

Kyle's Web Blog A photo-journal of my son and our travels in Europe, mostly so that family back home can see what we're up to.

Lost Friends Page A collection of names from the past just so that if they search their own name they come across my site. If you end up here, drop me a line to say hi!

Note: If you're a Cazabon, and want an email address @cazabon.com (and you can prove you're a Cazabon to me!), email me at kevin@cazabon.com and I'll hook you up.

Python Software (mostly stuff I wrote / public license)

Python subdirectory - some Python software projects and public license modules I've contributed to the community (mostly imaging related).

ImagePrintWin.py - a Python module (linked directly) that will enable you to print PIL images directly to any Windows printer. It includes a full GUI for configuring the printer and previewing the printed page. Full documentation is in the file itself. I have released the tool under the LGPL.

PyCMS page - a Python wrapper for full-fledged ICC color management module for Python and PIL (Python Imaging Library) that I wrote (using the LittleCMS library).

PIL_usm page - a Python Imaging Library extension module that I wrote that provides true unsharp masking and gausian blur functions for PIL.

PIL Fonts subdirectory - some pre-rendered font files for PIL.